pix+stones has worked on a variety of projects over the years ranging from documentaries, patient education videos, corporate image pieces, direct response television, trade shows, training videos, and conference roll-ins.

An Unexpected Life: Living with Hemophilia
Alta Bates Adult Hemophilia Treatment Center

We recently finished a one-hour documentary on a handfull of men in the United States, over the age of 60, living with severe Hemophilia, a bleeding disorder which prohibits their blood from clotting.

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Prostate Cancer: Understanding the Stages of Disease and Treatment Options
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center

Alta Bates Comprehensive Cancer Center hired us to create a half-hour patient education video to be given to men recently diagnosed with prostate cancer so that they would be better informed before their initial consultationt with their radiation oncolgist. This video has been so successful that we were asked to update it a year later to cover recent advancements in medicine.

Breast Cancer: A Video for Women Newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center

Due to the large success of the video we did on prostate cancer, Alta Bates again turned to pix+stones to produce a 45-minute patient education video on the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. This video was a direct result of the fundraising efforts of the Orindia 9-Tees.

Get Connected
Universal Service Task Force & SBC

The Universal Service Task Force, along with SBC, hired us to create a five language video presenting various telephone options for residents of California. Two different videos were shot and produced in English and Spanish, with a third video created and recorded in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Vietnamese.

Connecting Communities
Universal Service Task Force & SBC

pix+stones created a short documentary covering a test study by the Universal Service Task Force to track the impact of various wireless and telephone technologies on the lives of migrant farm workers in Fresno, California.
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Scott Cook Innovation Awards

Intuit, a long time client, turned to us to create a roll-in video for their annual Innovation Awards presented at their Leadership Conference. We were tasked with creating a dynamic opening culminating in a photo-realistic model of the crystal award.

Leadership Awards

Because of our work on the Innovation Award roll-in, Intuit again turned to pix+stones to create a compelling video segment and realistic 3D animation for their Leadership Awards presented at their annual Leadership Conference.

Intuit in the News

Twice a year pix+stones produces a video program covering the media coverage Intuit receives. We created a custom 3D animation involving a video sphere to present the various video clips concerning Intuit news.

TechTV Solves Your Computer Problems

pix+stones was hired by TechTV to create graphic elements, including extensive 3D animation, for a series of direct-to-DVD self-help videos.

Winona Ryder: Recipient of the Peter J. Owens Award
San Francisco International Film Festival

For several years we were responsible for producing the awards reels for the San Francisco International Film Festival. In 2000, Winona Ryder was the recipient of the Peter J. Owes Award for achievements in acting.