An Unexpected Life: LIVING WITH HEMOPHILIA documentary premieres @ the Hemophilia 2004 World Congress in Thailand

pix+stones recently wrapped post-production on a one-hour documentary detailing the lives of a handfull of men in the United States, over the age of 60, living with severe Hemophilia, a bleeding disorder which prohibits their blood from clotting. The documentary had its world premiere at the Hemophilia 2004 World Congress, the world's largest event in the hemophilia community of healthcare providers, government officials, and hemophilia patients. This year the conference was hosted in Bangkok, Thailand, at the Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Centre.

Our client, Bonnie Weissberg, the executive producer of the documentary, was on hand to share the video with conference attendees and distribute free copies on VHS and DVD.

The video will have it's United States debut in November at the National Hemophilia Foundation's 56th Annual Meeting to be held in Dallas, Texas.

The documentary will also be distributed to over 200 hemophilia treatment centers in the United States.

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