James designs animated identity package for Seismic

Seismic, a San Francisco-based organization promoting Breaks music and DJs, enlisted James and pix+stones to create visuals for an after party event they were throwing for Love Parade SF. As part of the visual design for the evening, James created an animated identity package for Seismic which included various 10 second spots.

AFTER THE LOVE, held on Saturday, October 2nd, at Mighty, utilized three video projectors and screens inside the club, and the two video screens on the Space Cowboys' UNIMOG setup outside the venue. James created three different, looping DVDs for the club venue, and two specially-designed DVDs built to sync up to create one seamless image across the two UNIMOG screens.

The Seismic logo animation involved shooting custom video, 3D modeling and animation of the logo, and various motion graphics techniques during final compositing.

Video Clips


seismic clip 1

Quicktime | Windows Media

seismic clip 2

Quicktime | Windows Media