Bio-Rad BioOdyssey Calligrapher™ MiniArrayer brought to life through 3D modeling & live action

We were excited to learn about Bio-Rad Laboratories’ product launch of their BioOdyssey Calligrapher™ MiniArrayer and quickly agreed on a format for both a marketing video and training DVD to be shipped with the product.

Working closely with Product Manager Jamie Wibbenmeyer, Ph. D., we developed a treatment for a five minute marketing piece and wrote a 45 minute training script that relied on a lot of technical writing. Filming took place at Bio-Rad’s facilities in Hercules, California, employing not only professional actors but also real Bio-Rad scientists.

Post-production included realistic 3-D modeling of the Calligrapher™ exterior, optional add-ons, and the interior of the machine demonstrating a variety of its functions. We were also able to create motion graphics to start and end the video that tied in with Bio-Rad’s existing print ad campaign.


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