The mission of pix+stones is to provide our clients with an affordable and talented creative team consisting of top-notch video and film production crews, writers, technical advisers, acting talent, voice-over talent, editors, graphic artists, 2D/3D animators, and musical composers. Our post-production editorial facility is comprised of state-of-the-art digital non-linear video editing equipment combined run by a dedicated core of talented, creative, and experienced staff on site. pix+stones is dedicated to building long-term working relationships with its clients through the timely and cost-efficient completion of quality work while providing competent technical and creative support.

A high level of practical experience combined with technical expertise, know-how, and a strong work ethic characterizes pix+stones creative talents. We possess fortitude of spirit and creative expression necessary to insure excellence in fulfilling the promise of providing exceptional production and post-production services for film, video, and new media to our clients.

pix+stones offers expertise in all areas of production for film, video, and new media design. Comprised of an experienced staff skilled in screenwriting, cinematography, producing, directing, editing, computer graphics, and special f/x, pix+stones is extremely capable of providing the following specific services to corporate, commercial, and independent clients:

Pre-Production Services
– Creative Consulting
– Conceptual Development & Scripting
– Story Development & Screenwriting
– Talent Casting
– Location Scouting

Production Services
– Producing & Directing
– Cinematography (Video & Film)
– Creative Production Supervision

Post-Production Services
– Off-line & On-line Nonlinear Digital Video Editing
– 2D Computer Graphics
– 3D Modeling & Animation
– Compositing & Special F/X